Our Anniversary Month!

 Here is your personal invitation to join my ARK team to do Acts of Random Kindness!


The United Lifesavers is on a mission to inspire 50,000 people to join our ARK team on-board our figurative ship called ARK of Prosperity™ to do Acts of Random Kindness! By asking you to join my ARK team to help us qualify for a Get-A-Way and increase our Anniversary Cash to $900 is how I'm contributing to this mission! 

Here are 10 benefits included with our online platform that are available to you for joining my ARK team for $25 a month (or one month):





How to Earn up to $30/Day ($900/Month) in 30-Days with 30 People on Your ARK Team!


Just share/post up to 12 of our infographics in 30-days and when you inspire 5 to join your ARK team and then your 5 inspire their 5, you can earn up to $900 a month to pay off debt, save and do Acts of Random Kindness.



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