My Book Special!

The United Lifesavers ARK of Prosperity™ is where GENEROSITY leads to PROSPERITY!


The United Lifesavers is on a mission to inspire 50,000 people to join our ARK team on-board our figurative ship called ARK of Prosperity™ to do Acts of Random Kindness! When you join our ARK team for $25 per month to get my book special and do Acts of Random Kindness you get 5 benefits, plus up to 58% of your membership fee provides members income to do Acts of Random Kindness and to meet their needs! You can also cancel at anytime!



The 5 Benefits Included with your Membership!




How to Earn up to $900 a Month in 30-Days with 30 People on Your ARK Team!


Inspire 5 people to join your ARK team by sharing/posting our infographics or by doing Acts of Random Kindness and when your 5 inspire their 5, you'll earn up to $900 a month to Save-Invest-Give-Play. Plus, you'll help me qualify to giveaway books to new members. Then on the 15th of each month as a team we do Acts of Random Kindness in the community!



Ready to give the ARK a try for 30-days and get my book and take advantage of my book special? Then get back with me so I can get you signed up!


"It is possible to give away and become richer" (Proverbs 11:24)