New Top-Notch-Tip (Service Providers)


What's better than Cash Tips from customers? An ARK Membership Tip on-board the United Lifesavers figurative ship called the ARK of Prosperity™.

Would you like to turn Cash/Credit Tips into Residual Income (meaning you continue to make money from your customer whether they use your service again)? If so, then offering the Top-Notch-Tip (a new way service providers can receive tips) as a Lifesaver is the way to go!



Who is the United Lifesavers?

The United Lifesavers, LLC is an affiliate marketing company that is helping service providers turn tips into residual income and saving people drowning in debt by bringing them on-board our figurative ship called the ARK of Prosperity™ to earn extra money to pay off debt faster and navigate them to the Land of More than Enough where after paying expenses they have $2,000 leftover to Save-Invest-Give-and Play.

Members on-board earn extra money by offering their customers an alternative way to tip them for service and by sharing our merchandise that is helping us strengthen families, inspire marriages, and unite our communities! 


What is the ARK of Prosperity™?

The ARK is an online community platform where members (or Lifesavers) can give and receive items and business services, support each other's favorite businesses/nonprofits, receive discounts from participating businesses and perform Acts of Random Kindness as a team in their community.


Turn Cash/Credit Tips into Residual Income

You can turn Cash/Credit Tips into Residual Income by asking your customers to tip with a $25, $50 or $100 per month ARK Membership (which can be cancelled or upgraded at anytime). With a ARK membership your customer:

  • Gains access to ARK benefits (click here for details) each month
  • Gets a one-time Store Credit to shop
  • Gets a discount up to 25% a month to shop
  • No longer gives a Cash/Credit Tip until they earned $100 on ARK
  • Can earn $2,000 in REST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow) by inspiring other's to try the ARK and claim their Store Credit (up to $175)



Turn a $125 Investment (of tips) into a $2,800 Top-Notch-Tip

($0 Tips for 30-days = $125 investment ($25 in tips in 30-days x 5 customers)


The below illustration depicts how you can turn a $125 Investment (by not accepting cash tips for 30-days from 5 customers) into a $2,800 Top-Notch-Tip and empower your 5 customers to earn extra money to pay off their debt by inspiring other's to board and claim their Store Credit as NEW Lifesavers.


Here is how it works:

Just inspire 5 customers to give an ARK Membership Tip then rest as the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed™) multiplies your 5 into 625 as members inspire 5 to board and claim their store credit.


 Note: To continue earning commission every month on people boarding the ARK and claiming our Store Credit and on all ARK memberships on your team, just remain an active ARK member.


We make it real EASY for people to achieve success since Everyone Always Says Yes to our mission, store credits and to earn REST! Plus, when you offer a personal special, like: For every customer (up to 5) that decides to give ARK Membership Tips for 25-days, you'll give away a FREE haircut to a child in need. Your 5 can also be other service providers who receive tips from customers.


Are you ready to begin accepting ARK Membership Tips? Just for boarding the ARK for $25, you'll receive a $50 Store Credit to shop the