It Pays to Be Honored!

 Here is your personal invitation to join my ARK team to do Acts of Random Kindness!


The United Lifesavers is on a mission to inspire 50,000 people to join our ARK team on-board our figurative ship called ARK of Prosperity™ to do Acts of Random Kindness! By asking you to join my ARK team so I can do Acts of Random Kindness in your name click for details is how I'm contributing to fulfill this mission!

Here are 10 benefits included with our online platform that are available to you for joining my ARK team for $25 a month (or one month):





How to Earn up to $30/Day ($900/Month) in 30-Days with 30 People on Your ARK Team!


When 5 join your ARK team to Pay-It-Forward from my Act of Random Kindness or from you sharing/posting our infographics and then your 5 inspire their 5, you can earn up to $900 a month in 30-days to pay off debt, save, treat yourself to something nice and do Acts of Random Kindness yourself.



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