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The United Lifesavers is on a mission to inspire 50,000 people to join our ARK team on-board our figurative ship called ARK of Prosperity™ to do Acts of Random Kindness using our customized ARK Cards! If you're on this page it's because you're interesting in spreading more kindness and making extra money. By asking you to join my ARK team to add the PLUS to your life, I'm doing my part to fulfill this mission!



United Lifesavers ARK of Prosperity™ is a Place Where Generosity Leads to Prosperity!


By joining my ARK team for $25 a month to do Acts of Random Kindness with us in the community you also receive 7 benefits from the company and other ARK members. You can cancel your membership at anytime!





How to Earn up to $30/Day ($900/Month) in 30-Days with 30 People on Your ARK Team!


Inspire 5 people to join your ARK team by sharing/posting our infographics or by doing Acts of Random Kindness and when your 5 inspire their 5, you'll earn up to $900 a month. As you pay off debt and increase your cash flow, you get closer to your Land of More than Enough where after paying monthly expenses you have $2,000 leftover to Save-Invest-Give-and Play.



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"It is possible to give away and become richer" (Proverbs 11:24)