About the United Lifesavers

 The ARK is powered by the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed™)


The United Lifesavers, LLC is an affiliate marketing company that is saving people drowning in debt by bringing them on-board our figurative ship called the ARK of Prosperity™ to earn extra money to pay off debt faster and navigate them to the Land of More than Enough where after paying expenses they have $2,000 leftover to Save-Invest-Give-and Play. Members on-board earn their extra money by helping us strengthen families, inspire marriages and unite our communities through our customized merchandise!


If you aren't living in your Land of More than Enough and would like to earn an extra $2,000 a month by spreading our mission or for more information about the ARK of Prosperity and its benefits click here


If you're ready to board and were referred here, please get with the person who referred you. If you weren't referred and would like to board please go to and complete the form and someone will be in touch within 1-2 business days.