How to Earn Money with Our Merchandise


Could you use an extra $1,000 a month to pay off debt? If so, then becoming a Lifesaver on the United Lifesavers ARK of Prosperity™ is the way to go!


What is the ARK of Prosperity™?

The ARK is an online community platform where members (or Lifesavers) can give and receive items and business services, support each other's favorite businesses/nonprofits, receive discounts from participating businesses, plus make extra money to:

  • Accelerate their cash flow to pay off any debt
  • Revitalize their health to live a long and strong life
  • Knit together their relationships with family vacations
  • Do Acts of Random Kindness in their community
  • Support the small businesses/nonprofits on the ARK


Lifesavers vs Customers

Lifesavers are people who sign up for a $25-$50 or $100 a month ARK membership to gain access to ARK benefits (click here for details), receive a one-time Store Credit to shop, a discount up to 25% per month to shop, plus can earn up to $10,000 in REST (Residual Earnings Sustaining Tomorrow) by inspiring other's to become Lifesavers on-board the ARK.


     ARK memberships may be cancelled anytime, plus you can upgrade to any membership! Note: If you claim a Store Discount with a Partner Store, you will not receive our Store Credit to the


    Customers buy merchandise but do not earn commission for inspiring other's to buy merchandise with their Store Credit.



    How to Pay off Debt Faster in 25-days


    The below illustration depicts how you can begin paying off your debt (Fast-Faster-Fastest) based on your ARK Membership Level ($25-$50-$100) and how many people claim their Store Credit as NEW Lifesavers.


    Here is how it works:

    Inspire 5 people to support our mission and claim a $50 Store Credit for $25, a $100 Store Credit for $50, or a $175 Store Credit for $100, then rest as the PLUS (Power of Love in Unity to Succeed™) multiplies your 5 into 3,125 people who claimed a Store Credit as people inspire 5. When everyone inspires their 5 in just 5-days, in 25-days you can earn over $5,000 a month to pay off your debt.


     Note: To continue earning commission every month on people boarding the ARK and claiming their Store Credit and on all ARK memberships (up to 3,125) on your team, just remain an active ARK member.


    We make it real EASY for people to achieve success since Everyone Always Says Yes to our mission, store credit and to earn REST!


    If you love our mission, our merchandise and making extra money to pay off your debt or to save for the future, please get with the person who threw you our buoy (referred you to our website). If you weren't referred click here to register and someone will be in touch with you in 2-3 business days.


    Help Save America Movement

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