Pulling Money from Other Cities and States

 Instead of pulling money to fund our church's vision from our "Checking and Savings", as Lifesavers the money comes from other "Cities and States" where people do Acts of Random Kindness as ARK members!

For example, let's say you lived in Atlanta, Georgia and attended LinkedUp Church located in Powder Springs. If you inspired 5 people who lived in Marietta, GA and then those 5 inspired 25 who lived in Florida and New York and then those 25 inspired 125 who lived in Texas, North Carolina and Alabama, you would be making money from 6 different "Cities and States" and able to fund your church in Powder Springs.

See example depicted below!



Since the United Lifesavers is nationwide, you can have people all across the country, whom you have never met, helping you make extra money to fund your church's vision, while spreading kindness in the community.


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